The Best Cheese And Meat Combinations

Imagine a juicy chicken burger or a mutton sandwich without cheese. Horrifying isn’t it? It’s the cheese that brings out the best in the meat and its flavours. But then again, there’s an art to that. Don’t be a regular cook and add the normal square cheese slices you find at supermarkets to every meat dish you cook. Here’s our 101 on the best cheese and meat combinations, from all the wonderful variety of meat we at Licious deliver, and in just 90 minutes! Buy halal chicken online or buy mutton meat online at Licious, for a fresh delivery every time!

Blue Cheese

Blue cheese pairs really well with smoked turkey breast. It goes with a variety of chicken as well. Buffalo chicken wings with blue cheese dip, shredded buffalo chicken sandwiches oozing with stuffed blue cheese and buffalo chicken lollipops with buttermilk blue cheese dip are combinations to die for. Another combination to try is smashed mutton and blue cheese rolled and baked into perfect mutton balls. You can try all these recipes from the variety of halal chicken and mutton available online, at the Licious store.

Goat Cheese

Goat cheese goes best with smoked turkey slices in cold sandwich or mutton salami slices. Sausages are also a good combination with goat cheese in burgers and sandwiches. A classic rib eye steak goes best with goat cheese and lemon honey-mustard glaze. Whether grilled or well done, this meat is delicious with the light and creamy goat cheese. Buy the marinades and mutton from Licious to try out these wonderful recipes.

Feta Cheese

Feta cheese is best with roasted chicken salads or sprinkled over meaty pizzas. Buy our halal chicken online and whip up the best oven roasts, boiled pieces or perfectly cooked chicken to pair up with this Greek cheese.

Cream Cheese

This type of cheese is blessing for all cheese lovers as it can be eaten with savoury dishes, main courses and even desserts! But some of the best meat dishes come served with a luscious serving of cream cheese. Its best eaten with mutton steak that you can buy online at our store. Other mouth watering dishes include turkey and cream cheese rolls, cream cheese and chicken lasagna and cream cheese served along with lobster. It is a must to keep in mind that cheese doesn’t go well with seafood but ofcourse, cream cheese is always an exception!

French cuisine is an exception that even the Italians don’t mind: Lobster and cream cheese. Otherwise, don’t pair cheese and seafood.


Parmigiano or simply Parmesan cheese is called the ‘King of Cheese.’ It goes best with chicken and mutton pasta and it bring out the flavours.

Cheddar Cheese

Cheddar cheese is best mixed with pasta and lasagna and is a big hit for all those cheese lovers out there. Other combinations include chicken pie stuffed with cheddar, mutton casserole with cheddar cheese, chicken rosti topped with cheddar cheese and tasty, oozing roast chicken sandwiches and cheddar cheese.

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Of Course Alton Brown Has the Best Tip For Cutting a Mango

Mangoes: fun to eat, not so fun to prep. What prevents many people from enjoying fresh mangoes is they simply have no idea how to cut them. Leave it to Alton Brown to share quite possibly the best mango-cutting tips ever, leaving us anything but intimidated to slice one ourselves. Here’s a step-by-step visual of how he does it:

Step 1: Draw about a one-inch circle on either side of the flesh.

Step 2: Peel all of the skin except where you’ve drawn the circles.

Step 3: Slice a chunk off the bottom of the mango so it can rest on a flat surface.

Step 4: Holding onto each of the circles with one hand (this prevents slipping), use your other hand to slice off the flesh on either side of the pit.

Step 5: You’re left with two equal pieces of mango flesh (the center piece contains the pit).

Step 6: Lay the “cheeks” down and peel off the remaining skin. Then slice into cubes, and enjoy!

To see Alton’s breakdown, watch the full video, but be warned: there’s (fake) blood involved. Start watching at 1:40 to avoid any graphic parts.

M&M’s Released 3 Brand-New Peanut Flavors

Your day-brightener is here in the form of some new M&M’s flavors. In celebration of its 75th anniversary, the company has announced three new and exciting Peanut M&M’s flavors: Coffee Nut, Honey Nut, and Chili Nut. You can find each flavor in stores nationwide now, but only one of them will stay for good, depending on how customers react. You can vote for your favorite flavor here or by texting the word “Vote” to 87654. With the help of a partnership with actor Tony Hale (from Veepand Arrested Development), the company is spreading the word about the Flavor Vote campaign — you can vote once a day until June 17. Which one are you most excited to try?!

How Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio Scrambles Eggs

New York chef, restauranteur, and Top Chef host Tom Colicchio knows a thing or two about scrambling eggs. While teaming up with John Hancock to promote healthy eating, Tom spoke to me on the phone about his preferred method to scramble perfectly soft curds. Here it is:

  1. Crack some eggs in a bowl. Beat vigorously so that the eggs aerate. Season with salt and pepper.
  2. Heat a pan over medium-high heat. Add some butter.
  3. Add eggs to pan and scramble eggs with a wire whisk until soft curds begin to form. Put down the whisk and use a wooden spatula to gently fold the eggs until they firm up slightly.

Ayesha Curry Will Have Her Own Show on Food Network

Ayesha Curry is an amazing cook, so it’s no surprise that she has landed her own show onFood Network. The show will be called At Home With Ayesha, and there’s no release date yet, but stay tuned. This latest accomplishment is just another exciting food venture for Ayesha — her cookbook, The Seasoned Life: Food, Family, and the Joy of Eating Well, will be released this September, and it’s filled with 100 of her favorite recipes. Here’s to hoping the show features many appearances by Ayesha’s husband, Steph Curry, and the couple’s impossibly cute daughters.