The Importance of Keeping Stress at Bay when you Prepare for JEE- Here’s How

Why is the JEE so complex?

The JEE ( Joint Entrance Examination) is one of the main and most preferred entrance examinations by those looking to pursue a career in Engineering. Engineering is a very innovative field and requires constant development of ideas and their successive execution.

To make the students aware of this, the JEE is so set where the students are forced to think out of the box and change their outlook of how they perceive concepts. The negative marking system ensures that the student realizes how crucial not fully understanding a topic can be.

Once the students have given the JEE Mains, they can check their results in the JEE Main rank predictor. If the student is sure to have cleared the cut -off, he/she can go ahead and register for JEE Advanced.

Then, why is it feared and what are the adverse effects?

·         Students mainly take the methods implemented in a negative way and seem to dread the examination. There is stress caused which forbids them to reach their full potential and cracking the JEE.

·         Stress can lead to unnecessary, unaccounted damage to the students’ career which literally results in nothing.

·         The reasons for stress caused is natural. Pressure from parents, teachers and peers just adds to it. The idea of attempting such an entrance with 90 questions each of 4 marks in 3 hours can surely result in nightmares.

·         If they don’t do well in the JEE Mains, the dream of getting into an IIT is crushed forever.

But, students must realize that stressing about it will not get them closer to do well in the examination. If anything, it is just pulling them away from fully executing their talents. It’s hence, important for them to realize that stress must be kept aside, if they truly want to achieve their dreams.

So, how do students get around this fear?

1)      Start your preparation from the very beginning from the IIT JEE books so that there is less pressure on yourself by time of the examination.

2)      Make a well thought through time table at the very beginning of your preparation of the examination. By doing this you’ll have control over how much you’ve covered, boosting your confidence.

3)      Eat healthy and sleep well. Meditate or exercise regularly so that your body and mind is calm when you study.

4)      Convert all this stress you have into actually solving a problem or reading through a concept thoroughly. Read over concepts you don’t fully understand and if you still don’t get it, ask your teachers or peers for help. But make sure you don’t leave it.

5)      Don’t curse and swear for the examination to be so tough and waste your energy there. Instead take this as a healthy challenge and try to do your best. Strengthen your conceptual understanding and increase your speed of solving problems.

6)      Balance your CBSE class 12 syllabus so that there is no tension of not doing a particular subject at the last minute. Give each of the subjects substantial time and make sure you cover as much as you can during that time.

7)      The adrenaline of preparing the examination is fun only if you’re using the correct methods to prepare. Students really interested in the engineering field would love how much exposure they’re getting to so much knowledge and they should in turn grab the opportunity to make the best out of this experience.

8)      Take fair breaks to blow off some steam so that you give your mind enough space to absorb all that’s being learnt.

9)      If you’re stuck on a problem for a really long time just keep it away for a while and do something else. After you’ve gained a little confidence, come back to it and look at it from different angles. You’ll be sure to get it.

10)  Don’t be too casual regarding the examination. Sure, stress will get you nowhere, but, a care a hang attitude will neither. Understand the importance of this examination and how it could shape up your career.

11)  Even if you don’t get into an IIT, you can still get into other reputed colleges and pursue engineering from there. Don’t be too hard on yourself and just concentrate on giving your best in the JEE.

As Apple questions FBI’s hacking methods, list of unlock cases grow

As Apple questions FBI's hacking methods, list of unlock cases grow

Just a few days after the FBI revealed that it had found a way to unlock the iPhone at the center of the San Bernardino shooting case without Apple’s help – thus vacating the court order that caused most of Silicon Valley to side with Apple – it has agreed to help unlock another iPhone and iPod in a different case.

The FBI agreed on Wednesday afternoon to a request from the prosecuting attorney in an Arkansas homicide case to help assist in unlocking the two Apple devices belonging to the accused, according to the Associated Press.

Authorities did not revealed whether the iPhone in the Arkansas case are the same model as the San Bernardino iPhone, or whether the FBI will use the same method to try to get into the devices.

Still, the news that the FBI is assisting in unlocking iPhones for a different case comes at an interesting time for Apple.

Apple’s attorneys have begun to research how it can legally compel the FBI to reveal theunlocking method it has found, according to the LA Times, presumably so that it can plug the vulnerability being exploited by the method and thus protecting phones from this method in the future.

It’s unlikely Apple will be able to find a legal way to push the FBI to reveal its secret, according to Reuters. And if it does, the FBI will more than likely fight Apple in the courts over it.

The FBI had originally said that if Apple complied with the San Bernardino court order by developing a method (a backdoor, as Apple claimed) that would allow authorities to access the iPhone, it “is about one specific case” and would not be used again. Obviously, as it didn’t receive Apple’s help, this may no longer apply.

After all, there are a number of cases around the U.S. that involves unlocking a phone that the FBI might now be able to assist in without needing a court order demanding Apple’s help.

To give you an idea of such cases, the American Civil Liberties Union helpfully mapped all the cases that involved the government applying for a court order using the 1789 All Writs Act (the same one used for the court order involving the San Bernardino iPhone) to compel Apple or Google to provide assistance in accessing data stored on a mobile device.

There were 63 cases in total to date since 2008.

Why are people waiting in line to reserve a Tesla Model 3?

Why are people waiting in line to reserve a Tesla Model 3?

Tesla is unveiling the Model 3 later tonight, but without knowing what the car will look like, its options or official driving range, thousands have lined up to reserve one across the globe. While online reservations won’t open up until the 7:30pm PDT tonight, anyone can walk into a Tesla Store and plop down $1,000 (£1000) to reserve a car.

Think about that for a sec — buyers are ready to hand over $1,000 to Tesla Motors for a car with an expected base price of $35,000 (£30,000) that they know very little about, except it’s anticipated to have 200 miles of pure electric range. Even with the latest Apple device releases, people wait in line in hopes to buy a device that was already announced.


The Tesla Model 3 reservation consists of putting down a $1,000 deposit for a promise of an affordable 200-mile range electric vehicle (EV) that starts production in late 2017. Of course, the fee is completely refundable, or can be applied towards a Model S or X at any point in time. But it still seemed crazy to me, at first.

I spoke to a handful of people who were planning on reserving a Model 3 to figure out why they have so much faith and trust in Tesla, ranging from existing EV, Tesla owners to first-time buyers.

The Tesla effect

Buyers trust Tesla to produce a car that will deliver on its promises, sight unseen. The same wouldn’t happen for any other brand.

“Their commitment to EVs is unparalleled, their customer support is beyond acceptable,” said Ryan Wallace, a Nissan Leaf owner passionate about EVs. “Tesla puts their money where their mouth is with the Supercharger network and is always trying out new features, like battery swapping.”

Tesla’s Supercharger network currently consists of 613 stations with 3,628 total chargers across North America, while CHAdeMO, a quick charge connector used by the Nissan Leaf, Kia Soul and Mitsubishi i-Miev, only has 1,530 chargers, as of January of this year.

Tesla Supercharger network

But CHAdeMO is only one of the quick charging standards used by mainstream EVs, there’s also the SAE Combo plug that’s used by Volkswagen (VW), BMW, Ford, General Motors and the cost of public charging.

Nissan provides free charging through select networks with its No Charge to Charge program for new Leaf buyers, but its only for the first two years. The cost varies by charging station afterwards, but not every charging station is free – only select networks that opt-in – whereas the Tesla Superchargers are free for the lifetime of the vehicle.

Should I reserve a Tesla Model 3?

I started the day thinking it was crazy to wait in line and give Tesla money for a car that you might not see for at least 2 years. After speaking with these potential Tesla Model 3 buyers, it didn’t seem as crazy to reserve a Tesla Model 3 anymore. You’re putting down a deposit that’s completely refundable at any given time, so if you change your mind, it’s still your money.

Half-way through the day, my mind changed and I contemplated reserving one myself. I bought my wife a 2015 Nissan Leaf towards the end of 2014 and it’s been a great car. However, it lacks driver assist technologies, the infotainment system is terrible, the 84 miles of rated range is limiting for longer trips and NissanConnect EV telematics service is still unavailable from the phone app.

By the time the Model 3 would arrive, if I reserved one, the Leaf will be paid off, so I wouldn’t have to worry about trade-in value and can sell it outright. Tesla has managed to provide software updates to the Model S that fix and improve features in a timely manner, while I have to schedule an appointment and spend time at a Nissan dealership for a recall on the Leaf that requires a software update.

Tesla Model S

The Chevy Bolt is also coming later this year with 200 miles of range and a starting price of around $37,000, but the first car I bought out of college was a 2008 HHR SS and the dealership experience soured my trust for the company. Hyundai has the Ioniq EV coming, but 110 miles of electric range isn’t worth the added costs to me.

So I started the day thinking it was crazy to reserve a car to mulling it over, but I’m very impatient and I don’t really want to wait two years for a car. Whether or not I get one may come down to how easy it is to accidentally fill in all of my financial information on Tesla’s pre-order page. Oops.

Phentermine is the Popular Weight Loss Supplement of the Era

Phentermine is considered to be the functional weight loss alternative. It is considered to be the Scheduled IV controlled component and in case you are using the same in excess then there are chances that you can suffer from unnecessary medicinal addiction. Avoid abusing the substance and the over dosage of the same can cause detrimental effect on the health. The supplement has the perfect molecular structure and this is mainly used to discourage the intake of alcohol. The supplement is popularly used for the treatment of obesity and it is time that you supervise the working of the supplement the right way.

Image result for Phentermine is the Popular Weight Loss Supplement of the Era

Knowing Facts on Phentermine

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Short Term Phentermine Usage

This is the alternative usually recommended for short term usage. When having the supplement you should make sure not to have alcohol as this can worsen the effect in most cases. Phentermine comes with the set of the side effects. However, the side effects are in most cases mild and they have the sort of transitory nature. In case you are not able to decide rightly on the dosage of the supplement you have the chance to suffer from the serious side effects in the process.

Effect of Phen on Potential Sufferers

In case the user is suffering from the state of high cholesterol the solution may not have the best effect on human health status. If you have Type 2 Diabetes or you are suffering from condition of hypertension this is the supplement to work rightly on the human health status in the best possible way. There are several contradictions and complications involved in the usage of the supplement. It is time that you follow the details correctly to make the best use of the supplement for the reason of human health restoration. It is true that the exact mechanism of the supplement is not known yet.

Analysing the Functional Importance of Phen

In case you are not sure regarding the ability and effect of Phen you can at once follow the details at fckfat.comphentermine-and-alcohol. On the intake of phentermine there is reported transmission of the nerve impulse and in certain cases there is occasional release of norepinephrine. These are nerve terminals present within the brain and these can cause the occasional sensory reaction. Phentermine is the effective hunger suppressant and it is time that you know about the composition and the working of the Phen supplement.