Verizon announces its LG Sport watch rival, the LTE and NFC-enabled Wear24

The first Android Wear 2.0 watches from LG and Google aren’t even on shelves yet, but the first competitor has already been announced. But it’s not from Huawei, Moto, or Asus. It’s from Verizon.

Yes, you’ve read that right: Big Red is getting into the watch business. Called Wear24, presumably a reference to its all-day connectivity, the wearable competes directly with the LG Watch Sport, currently the top-of-the-line Android Wear 2.0 watch. According to CNet, the Quanta-manufactured watch features a slightly bigger screen (1.39 inches vs. 1.38 inches) and battery (450mAh vs. 440mAh). It also includes IP67 water resistance, NFC, and LTE, ticking off enough boxes to be taken seriously. It’s even a little thinner than the Sport (13.5mm vs. 14.2mm), and has a slimmer bezel. And based on a single render (seen at left in the image above), it looks good.

Hardware products are rare from Verizon, but this wouldn’t be the first Android device made by the carrier. In addition to its line of budget-minded Ellipsis tablets, it recently began selling the GizmoTab, an 8-inch tablet geared specifically toward kids, loaded with 300 educational apps like Crayola Color and Nat Geo Puzzle Explorer.

However, the Wear24 is most certainly a premium device designed to compete at the upper end of the market. Like the Sport, the Wear24 will sell for $300 with a 2-year contract and $350 without one, though it will cost existing Verizon customers $5 a month to add it to their plan.

A little friendly competition: Releasing a product designed to compete with a new, highly anticipated Google launch is certainly an interesting move for Verizon, but it’s especially curious in light of the exclusive partnership the two companies have with the Pixel. Verizon hasn’t released any availability for the new watch, but the timing of the announcement, right before Google and LG start selling their own wearables, is clearly designed to take some of the luster away from the Sport’s launch. Of course, we’ll have to wait to see how the watches stack up in daily use, but on paper, Google already has some serious competition.

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Windows 10’s Cortana adds Suggested Reminders to help you keep your promises

Windows 10’s Cortana is already a dutiful digital assistant, providing answers, reminders, or other information when asked. But Microsoft has given her more power to take the initiative, automatically setting reminders for commitments you’ve already agreed to.cortana suggested reminders large

Take an email, for example. You may have promised your boss that you’ll deliver a sales presentation by Friday. Just in case you’ve forgotten, Cortana will automatically issue what Microsoft is calling a “suggested reminder” the day before, to ensure you have plenty of time to finish it up.

“I’ve been on the Cortana team for about a year, doing a lot of demos…but this one feels like something people are really like, okay, this is what a personal assistant really feels like on your PC,” said Laura Jones, the senior marketing manager for Cortana at Microsoft.

Cortana’s suggested reminders begin rolling out on Thursday. Because Cortana is a service, you won’t need a new Windows 10 build. You can also expect to see Cortana’s suggested reminders roll out to iOS and Android in the coming weeks, Microsoft said.

Suggested reminders are part of Cortana’s transition from a passive to a more proactive digital assistant. Cortana already knows you’re at the store, for example, and can automatically remind you to buy milk—if you’ve previously asked her to. This is something different. More and more, Cortana is beginning to act on her own, without any input from you at all.

cortana permissions flyout


To take advantage of Cortana’s Suggested Reminders, ensure that you have the proper permissions enabled.

For those who are concerned about protecting their privacy, take heart: Suggested Reminders aren’t turned on by default. You first must be signed in to Cortana, and then connect your Office 365 or Outlook email account. But yes, Suggested Reminders work by reading your email, and then acting upon them. (If Cortana’s already advising you to leave at a given time to ensure you make your next meeting, chances are you’ve already given her permission to read your email and calendar.) Other means of communication will be added over time, Jones said, though she declined to comment when asked if one might be Skype.

Using artificial intelligence, Cortana looks for commitments or promises, Jones explained. Phrases like “let’s have lunch” won’t trigger a reminder. However, “I’ll book us a reservation” will. Cortana tries to adjust the timing of the reminders to the period of the event; if you promise to get something done by the end of day, Cortana will issue a reminder at 3 p.m., she said. If something’s due Friday, you’ll get a reminder at about 11 a.m. the day before.

Check Cortana’s Notebook, periodically, too. If Cortana thinks that it may have a suggested reminder, but isn’t sure, she might store it there, Jones said.

If Suggested Reminders sounds familiar, it’s appeared as part of Cortana within the Windows Insider Program. This a more powerful version, however, with improved machine learning at the heart of it, Jones said.

Jones said she has been personally testing it out for a few months, and has come across a few things she herself has promised and then forgotten about, such as commitments made around the holidays. “It’s saved my butt a few times,” she said.

Kodi’s coming home to Xbox to play your music and movies as a universal Windows app

The popular open source media manager Kodi is coming home. During Microsoft’s Developer Day event on Wednesday, Microsoft announced that the XBMC Foundation is bringing Kodi to the Xbox One as a Windows Store (UWP) app, as first reported by Neowin.kodibig

The Developer Day event touted the advantages of the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update to developers. We expect the Creators Update to launch in late March or early April, based on indications tied to the ship dates of Microsoft’s Surface Studio and Dell’s Canvas monitor.

Kodi began life as the Xbox Media Center, an application for original Xbox consoles that were modded to allow unauthorized software. Just as Kodi does today to PCs, XBMC turned the Xbox into a media streaming device. The program eventually became known as XBMC and left the Xbox platform to focus on PCs instead. Since then, XBMC has become the open source project Kodi, which is managed by the XBMC F


Kodi is already available in the Windows Store but as a Centennial app. That means the Kodi Team took the traditional desktop program (known as a Win32 app) and ran it through Microsoft’s mostly automated conversion process to turn it into a Windows Store app. Microsoft’s conversion allows developers to do almost nothing to turn their desktop programs into Windows Store apps, but as they still use Win32 code, Centennial apps will only work on Windows 10 desktops and tablets.

No one from the Kodi development team or the XBMC Foundation appeared on stage at Microsoft’s conference. During the Developer Day Keynote, however, Microsoft’s Kevin Gallo said the Kodi Team would convert their code base to a native Windows Store app. “Since we published the app to the store we’ve been able to reach over one million users worldwide,” Kodi Team Lead Martijn Kaijser said in a statement that Gallo displayed during his talk. “Today we are announcing we will convert our entire Win32 codebase to UWP and publish on Xbox soon.”

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Apple’s iPhone declines in China, and this year could be a struggle

Perhaps the next iPhone 8 will be Apple’s next shot at achieving greatness in China.iphone mac pixabay

The current iPhones aren’t helping Apple gain market share in China, according to Canalys. Markets like China and India are at the top of Apple’s agenda to grow the iPhone business.

China accounts for a third of worldwide smartphone shipments. Buyers in the market are leaning toward local brands like Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi, which formed the top four smartphone vendors in China in 2016, according to Canalys.

Apple was in the fifth spot, and Samsung doesn’t figure in the top five.

In 2016, Apple’s phone shipments in China totaled 43.8 million units, a drop of 18.2 percent compared to 2015. It’s not looking any better for Apple in 2017.

“This year, the outlook remains bleak for Apple to get its China performance back to its heyday of 2015,” said Jessie Ding, a research analyst at Canalys.

The decline in China hit Apple’s worldwide shipments hard, with a net effect of about a 7 percent decline in the number of iPhones shipped globally, Ding said.

But the Chinese buyers are “awaiting the 10th anniversary of the iPhone with very high expectations,” Ding said.

The iPhone 8 may succeed, but it may not change a long-term trend of Chinese smartphone buyers buying local brands.

In many smaller Chinese cities, Huawei, Vivo, and Oppo smartphones are selling well. Those companies are also investing heavily in branding in top-tier cities, posing a further threat to Apple, Ding said.

Apple faces a similar problem in India. The iPhone brand awareness is limited to urban areas, and the handsets are priced too high for most of the population. Apple recently made a move to start assembling smartphones in India.

Many Chinese companies are launching new handsets this year with a focus on cameras and screens. One such smartphone is Huawei’s Mate 9 Pro, which was shown at CES. Huawei—known for networking gear—also makes its own chips, like Apple and Samsung.

Other Chinese brands like LeEco are also emerging and growing internationally. LeEco has particularly interesting smartphone designs. The company came out with a smartphone without a headphone jack ahead of Apple.

It’s a tight race among the top three Chinese smartphone makers. Huawei in 2016 shipped 76.2 million units, Oppo shipped 73.2 million units, and Vivo about 63.2 million units. Xiaomi’s market share tumbled, declining by 21 percent to 51.4 million units.

A survey released by IDC this week also noted a down market for iPhone in China, but placed the company in the fourth spot, ahead of Xiaomi. According to IDC, total smartphone shipments in China were 467 million units in 2016, growing by 8.7 percent.

But Apple’s shipments declined by 23.2 percent that year, totaling 44.9 million units. The top three Chinese smartphone makers were Oppo, Huawei, and Vivo, according to IDC.

Lenovo’s ThinkPad P71 packs 7.5 pounds of Xeon power for VR creators

Lenovo’s ThinkPad P71 is one superfast laptop that can work with HTC’s Vive and the Oculus Rift VR headsets.thinkpad p71 hero shot manufacturing 0005

It’s technically a workstation and is targeted at professionals creating VR content, editing movies, or running engineering applications. Headsets are needed to create VR content.

The laptop, which weighs 7.5 pounds, has a 17-inch screen and is equipped with Intel’s latest Xeon E3-v6 mobile chips, based on the Kaby Lake architecture. It can be configured with an Nvidia mobile Quadro GPU like the P5000M, which aid in the content creation and virtual reality experiences.

It supports up to 64GB of DDR4 memory and up to 2TB of storage via four slots. It also has a USB 3.0 port, Mini-DispayPort 1.2 slot, HDMI 1.4, and Gigabit Ethernet slots.

The ThinkPad P51 is similar to the P71 with a 15-inch screen, but it isn’t VR ready. The P51’s price will start at $1,399, and it will ship in April.

Lenovo also introduced the ThinkPad P51s, which has a 15-inch screen and will run on Intel’s 7th Generation Core processors based on Kaby Lake, a step down in performance compared to Xeon. It has Thunderbolt 3 technology, and it can be configured with a Quadro GPU and a 4K screen. It will ship in March starting at $1,049.

Quicken shifts to software subscription model, but there’s a big catch

Quicken last month moved to a software-by-subscription model for Canadian customers, and may do the same for those in the U.S. who rely on the personal finance program.qkn15mac 2d 100648502 orig

Unlike a pilot program that launched in April 2016, the Quicken subscription is not a pure cloud-based service, but relies on software installed locally on a Windows personal computer.

The two subscriptions available to Canadian users cost $40 a year (Quicken Cash Manager) and $90 annually (Quicken Home & Business). The core software must be installed on a Windows device, and will, Quicken said, be updated “to make sure you’re always on the newest version.”

More importantly, however, is that the subscription offers one year of what Quicken dubbed “Connected Service,” the back end that supports transaction downloads from banks, credit card companies and other financial organizations.

Like most vendors offering software subscriptions, Quicken will automatically ding the customer’s on-file credit card for renewals.

But if customers do not renew their subscription, they will lose more than just access to downloads from their bank. “While you can continue to access your data and run reports, you’ll no longer be able to download transactions, or add manual transactions [emphasis added],” a FAQ said in reply to a question about what happens when access to Connected Service ends.

The restriction is no different than what other subscription services place on customers. Users who stop paying for Office 365, for instance, can no longer create new or edit existing documents.

But the idea that they could not continue to track finances by manually entering transactions fueled push-back from Quicken customers.

“If the subscription isn’t renewed, manual access and updates to the data need to be allowed, otherwise the company will be perceived to be holding the customer’s data hostage,” argued Dan Glynhampton in a message posted to a Quicken support forum.

“Quicken is supposed to help me manage my finances, not prevent me from managing my finances,” added mshiggins on the same thread.

When a Quicken representative intervened on the forum to say that the only real difference between a subscription and the older licensed software is “that manual transactions can’t be added” when the former expires, users were quick to respond.

“If at the point the subscription ends my data essentially becomes frozen in time then that makes the program absolutely useless to me,” asserted Perculiar_Investor.

Quicken had long used a similar “sunset” policy, as after three years a licensed version of the software would stop downloading transactions from online sources or letting users pay bills electronically. Even then, though, customers could add transactions manually.

In another answer to a question in the FAQ, Quicken implied that all versions, including those aimed at U.S. consumers, would be offered solely as subscriptions. “All future Quicken products will be subscription products,” the FAQ said.

The move to subscriptions is not a surprise. Last year, Quicken CEO Eric Dunn said that the company — which had just split from its parent firm, Intuit — was investigating a subscription model for the software. “We’re open to that. It could make sense,” Dunn said in April 2016.

Quicken did not immediately reply to questions, including whether the subscription would be the only option for U.S. users, and if so, when.

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The working and results of Anadrol vs Dianabol

Not all steroids are similar but some may have common properties though. Anadrol and Dianabol are two of such steroids and are often regarded as more or less the same because the working and the results that they give are much similar. But also, they have many differences as well. Thus, it is important to know the similarities, differences and benefits of both the steroids to know which one will be best for you.

Image result for The working and results of Anadrol vs Dianabol

The properties and benefits of Anadrol vs. Dianabol

Dianabol: One of the most effective anabolic steroids, Dianabol is much similar to testosterone and has a slight difference in its chemical composition when compared to testosterone. Thus, it is quite powerful.  The right dose for a beginner of Dianabol is 20 mgs daily while an experienced user can go up to 40 mg daily. Dianabol is stacked with many steroids such as Test propionate, Deca Durabolin, Tren, Tes E and so on for effective reasons. Though Dianabol is available as injections as well as pills, you can choose any form as both are beneficial.

Anadrol: Anadrol is one of the best versions of testosterone and it is mainly used by athletes to gain muscle size and strength. Also, it does not brign about any side effects that are usually caused with DHT. One of the best advantages of using Anadrol is that it can give you desired results in less time but at the same time, there are side effects such as bloating and gynecomastia or breast enlargement in men. Some users also experience lethargy as they felt sleepier when they used Anadrol.

A comparison of Anadrol with Dianabol

One thing is sure, that both can bring about side effects but responsible use can lower the risk with both steroids. However, let us look at dianabol vs anadrol. With Dianabol, lower back pain is a side effect but Anadrol does not cause back pain.

With Anabol, there can be bad lipid profile and that is the reason many users prefer to use Dianabol. But these side effects can be prevented when Anadrol is used along with a supplement to protect liver, for example N2Guard.

Dianabol can bring down SHBG levels which in turn produces additional testosterone. Anadrol on the other hand can bring about cardio problems. A benefit of using Dianabol is that it can also enhance the levels of potassium and calcium in the body which is beneficial and it can also bring about more muscle growth which remains permanent. Dianabol also makes the muscles stronger as well.  Many uses vouch for Dianabol as they are considered to be one of the best steroids of today.  But at the same time, Anadrol being a new entrant in the market, there isn’t much info about it but there is ample information about the usage and results of Dianabol. At the end of the day, it is up to the users as to which steroid they prefer. But do read more about them before you start using it.

Apple MacBook Event: How to Watch Live Stream

Apple MacBook Event: How to Watch Live Stream

  • Apple devices running iOS 7 or later can watch MacBook event
  • Event can also be streamed via Microsoft Edge on Windows 10
  • Apple TV owners can also watch MacBook event on the big screen

When it comes to Apple events, they are not just hard but impossible to ignore. The run-up to these events is filled with rumours, leaks, and information that sometimes even ends up impacting the strategies of other companies. On Thursday, the company is expected to launch its much-awaited upgrade to its MacBook Pro lineup, which is expected to sport an all new OLED touch panel and Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Apple is also anticipated to launch the new 13-inch MacBook, and, announces some upgrades for the Apple TV.

Excited about the launches? You may want to to watch the Apple MacBook event live, and thus may be asking, what is the Apple event time, and how can you watch it live? We’ve the answers here.


What time is the Apple MacBook event today?
Apple’s October 2016 event starts in Cupertino at 10am San Francisco time on Thursday, which is 1pm in New York, 6pm in London, and 10:30pm in New Delhi. Apple’s events usually begin on time, so make sure you tune in five or so minutes before the scheduled start.

How to watch Apple October 2016 event on mobile?
Apple’s event can only be streamed using HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) technology, which requires an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with Safari on iOS 7.0 or later. This effectively rules you out if you are on an Android device. In order to watch the event on these devices, you need to head to in Safari browser. 

How to watch Apple MacBook event on a PC running Windows or a Mac?
If you are on Windows, you can watch Apple’s MacBook event on Microsoft’s Edge browser, which is available on Windows 10. On Mac, the stream will only work for users running Safari 6.0.5 and later versions on OS X 10.8.5 and later version. Tune in to the live stream of the event via Safari on Mac or Edge on Windows 10 at

How to watch Apple MacBook event on TV?
You can watch Apple’s October 2016 event on television if you have an Apple TV (2nd or 3rd generation) with software 6.2 or later, or an Apple TV (4th generation) – look for the corresponding icon on the main screen.


Not able to watch Apple MacBook event?
Tune into our live blog of Apple’s October 2016 event or follow us on Twitter for live updates

Nintendo Switch Part of a Bigger Ecosystem, Says President

Nintendo Switch Part of a Bigger Ecosystem, Says President

Nintendo’s new gaming console Switch is part of a bigger plan that will include more accessories, a deeper lineup of software and possible tie-ups with other technologies.

In his first interview since unveiling the brand-new flagship product, President Tatsumi Kimishima said details about add-ons will be available in the new year. Kyoto-based Nintendo said earlier on Thursday that it will announce pricing and a specific launch date for Switch on January 13, followed by an event where the public can try it out.

“By no means was that everything,” Kimishima said, referring to a video a week ago that introduced the product’s name and showed Switch being used as both a console and portable device featuring modular controllers and accessories. Nintendo’s stock declined after the three-minute clip was released, which Kimishima said was unexpected.

“To tell you the truth, I was surprised,” Kimishima said. “I don’t understand why.”Getting Nintendo back on track is a top priority for Kimishima, who became president a year ago after the death of his predecessor, Satoru Iwata. Quarterly results released this week underscore how Nintendo’s core business is getting weaker due to a stronger yen that reduced the income earned abroad, as well as sharp declines in hardware and software sales. Even the success of Pokemon Go wasn’t enough to make up for sluggish sales, which have declined every fiscal year since 2009, when the Wii console was at the peak of its success.

Kimishima suggested that the Switch is part of a bigger ecosystem. “It may be appropriate to call them accessories. Or it might be better to call them add-on hardware. It’s probably more correct to call them accessories. You can assume that there will be a wider array.”

The new device features a tablet-like display unit that can dock at home and connect with a TV, or be taken out and about with two detachable controllers. Nintendo is betting the hybrid approach will help the Switch become a hit like the Wii, its most-successful console ever thanks to its motion-tracking controllers.

As for Switch’s software, he said Nintendo made a deliberate decision not to disclose specific titles: “One thing we still can’t show is the software lineup. We want people to touch the device in January and experience the software for themselves.”

A dearth of software releases for the Wii U has been cited as one of the reasons the console was never able to match the earlier Wii in sales.

Nintendo envisions many different scenarios where Switch can be used, such as a family, one person alone — or even by someone who doesn’t have a TV, Kimishima said. “What you see in the video, however, is the core product,” he said.

Asked whether Switch would work with hardware from other companies, Kimishima ruled out the possibility for now, but said “we are interested in VR,” referring to virtual-reality technology.

“VR offers new ways of playing, but that depends on what kind of software can be played,” he said. “If you ask us whether there are any possibilities, we can’t say no. It may be that we will build VR software titles, I think that opportunity is available to us.”

Iwata, Kimishima’s predecessor, had frequently mentioned that Nintendo should be able to post annual operating profit of at least 100 billion yen. The last time Nintendo exceeded that threshold was in the fiscal year ending March 2011. On Wednesday, Nintendo cut its operating profit outlook for the current year to 30 billion yen, down from the previous 45 billion yen, citing a stronger yen that weighed on 3DS and Wii U revenue. Asked whether that 100 billion yen threshold was achievable, Kimishima said it was.

“As our previous president has said before, an appropriate level of operating income for Nintendo is that level, and that is what everyone understands,” Kimishima said. “That’s what we want to achieve. Based on various projects and new projects that we have, achieving that result is the premise.”

He declined to give more specific forecasts for the Switch beyond the one disclosed this week, which is that Nintendo will sell 2 million units in its first month after it goes on sale in March. The company sold 5.84 million Wii machines in its first fiscal year. The device that followed it, the Wii U, was less successful, with 3.45 million units shipped.

“In terms of how many units will sell, we’re looking at past examples where competitors, and our own Wii, had a lot of momentum, and that means the first year after it goes on sale will be extremely important.”

Ola Drives in BMW Rides Starting at Rs. 250

Ola Drives in BMW Rides Starting at Rs. 250

  • BMW cabs will be available for Ola Lux platform
  • Prices for Ola Lux start at Rs. 250
  • Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru will get the BMW Lux cabs first

NEW DELHI: In a bid to provide people an opportunity to enjoy luxury travel on the roads, BMW India and Ola on Monday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to bring on-demand luxury mobility in India.

BMW is now the “Lux Category Partner” for Ola.

Ola Lux is a luxury car service, available for booking at a minimum fare of Rs. 250 and Rs. 20-22 per/km afterwards.


The category also allows customers to book the cars on an hourly basis via its “Rentals” feature.

“The way people move is changing and this is also true for the premium clientele. Individuals want quick access to mobility without compromising on quality and comfort,” said Frank Schloeder, President (act.), BMW Group India, in a statement.
To begin with, Ola will induct the BMW cars into its fleet across three cities — Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru — and the service will later be extended to more locations.

“We look forward to growing our association with BMW and taking the Ola ‘Lux’ service to a greater scale throughout the country,” added Pranay Jivrajka, Chief Operating Officer, Ola.