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Traveling abroad is a blast, but geo-restrictions on content can really be a bummer. If you want to watch your favorite movies, stream your music or watch a clip, you may find that this is unavailable due to the region you are in. Certain geo-locks are in every region, but a VPN can bypass this and allow you to get access to to all this great media while you are on the road.

A big concern with VPNs is safety, you need to know if you will be secure while using it. With the proXPN you can get the ultimate peace of mind with its fully-encrypted system. You also get complete online anonymity. proXPN never logs your online movements, so no one can ever track you or steal your personal data.


The proXPN VPN is easy to set up and you can get started right away. It’s very easy to use but if you get into trouble you have the convenience of world-class technical support. There is also mobile device support in case you are using a smartphone or tablet.

There are many options and features for the proXPN VPN. You can use it on Wi-Fi with a masked IP address or on a public network. It comes with PPTP or OpenVPN encryption options. If you lose your connection, VPN Guard allows you to select which programs should automatically shut down. This is a very safe way to browse using a VPN.