More Updates Roll Out For the Google+ Web Preview

Just as expected, several new features for the Google+ Web Preview are released a day after Android 7.3.0.

Improved Profile Information Access

Before, if you wanted to see more information on a certain profile (or your own), you had to click a small “i” icon in the bottom-right. Its size and obscurity made it quite difficult to notice, especially against a light-coloured cover photo. Also, those not familiar with the web preview might’ve missed the icon entirely.

The Google+ team has addressed this problem by dropping the icon by replacing it with “ABOUT” in addition to turning the profile name and tagline into links as well.

Communities About Information

Another welcome change is the more-prominent display of the about info in Communities, as it was hidden behind that same “i” icon as on the profile page previously. Now, you’re presented with two drop-downs: “About Community,” which contains the description of the Community, and “Filter,” containing the various categories.

Collection Creation Shortcut

Have there been times when you wanted to post something but realised that you didn’t have the appropriate Collection for it? So you had to discard the post, go to Collections, create a new one, then re-create the post. Definitely cumbersome and time-consuming. You’ll be glad to find out that you can now create a Collection while creating a post, saving you all that effort.

Then when you’re done posting, head to your new Collection, add a tagline and change the cover photo to truly make it yours.

Wait, there’s one more…

An additional update, this time for all platforms – classic, web preview, mobile apps – is the removal of suspended accounts in the Community’s public member list. This will be great news if you’re the moderator of a Community with lots of spammy posts. Additionally, further improvements will be made to the member list “to make it work better for both members and moderators.”

What about the bugs?

Ah yes, those bugs that are a coder’s worst nightmare. Well, you’d be pleased to hear that 206 of them have had their demise, and they surely won’t be missed…

Although this web preview is still a fair way from being on par with the classic version, you gotta hand it to the folks behind it all who’ve been releasing updates on a regular basis, as well as actively listening to user feedback.