Of Course Alton Brown Has the Best Tip For Cutting a Mango

Mangoes: fun to eat, not so fun to prep. What prevents many people from enjoying fresh mangoes is they simply have no idea how to cut them. Leave it to Alton Brown to share quite possibly the best mango-cutting tips ever, leaving us anything but intimidated to slice one ourselves. Here’s a step-by-step visual of how he does it:

Step 1: Draw about a one-inch circle on either side of the flesh.

Step 2: Peel all of the skin except where you’ve drawn the circles.

Step 3: Slice a chunk off the bottom of the mango so it can rest on a flat surface.

Step 4: Holding onto each of the circles with one hand (this prevents slipping), use your other hand to slice off the flesh on either side of the pit.

Step 5: You’re left with two equal pieces of mango flesh (the center piece contains the pit).

Step 6: Lay the “cheeks” down and peel off the remaining skin. Then slice into cubes, and enjoy!

To see Alton’s breakdown, watch the full video, but be warned: there’s (fake) blood involved. Start watching at 1:40 to avoid any graphic parts.