Asus exhibits remodeled water-cooled gaming computer with dual Nvidia GPUs

The fashion in mainstream laptop layout is to make it as unrealistically thin as possible, although meaning sacrificing battery lifestyles and performance. improvements in cell CPUs have made awesome-skinny laptops plenty faster than they once have been, however what if that’s now not sufficient? For the discerning on the pass gamer, Asus has announced a new version of its gigantic GX700 gaming computer called the GX800 at Computex 2016. It has all of the modern-day hardware with a massive liquid-cooling docking station. It takes the phrase “computing device substitute” seriously.


that is a massive, massive laptop, even without the liquid cooling dock. The display is 18.4-inches diagonally with 4K decision and assist for Nvidia G-Sync. To power that show the GX800 can have a pair of Nvidia GPUs configured in SLI, but Asus has simplest stated they’re unannounced GPUs — it became the equal deal ultimate time with the GX700. The model of the GX800 on show at Computex had twin GTX 980 GPUs. but, last yr’s GTX700 became out to have a GTX 980. both the production version of this laptop will include a newer GTX 1000-primarily based GPU, or the “unannounced” issue is sincerely that now there are two GPUs in SLI.

The GX800 will include the trendy Intel center-i7 chip clocked at 4.4GHz and reminiscence clocked at three.8GHz. In mixture with the GPUs, no longer simplest will you be capable of play video games at distinctly high local decision, but the G-Sync display refresh rate will through synchronized to the GPU to reduce tearing and lag. This pc wishes 330W strength resources to maintain all that hardware walking, but it gets even greater powerful whilst plugged into that large water cooling dock.


you could’t typically overclock laptops very a good deal, however the GX800 is designed for that very factor. when you connect the pc to the water cooling dock, it’s far able to overclocking the GPUs as lots as 236%. The docked GX800 also can push the CPU to its most clock without fear of overheating. If it’s whatever just like the GX700, the liquid from the cooling dock doesn’t honestly circulate via the entire pc whilst you plug it in. that could intervene with cooling while the dock wasn’t connected. alternatively, the compressor moves liquid via a smaller loop that pulls warmness away from the additives through a extra traditional warmth pipe. It’ll run satisfactory with out the dock, but no longer as fast.

the larger body of the GX800 has also allowed Asus to upgrade this year’s gaming powerhouse computer with a custom mechanical keyboard. Laptops are plagued through flimsy, low-journey keys, but Asus says this one will make gamers pretty satisfied. It makes use of switches Asus designed in-residence called MechTAG (Mechanical Tactile superior Gaming). The corporation didn’t go into detail, but the keys are raised from the floor of the computer, indicating they have got an excellent quantity of journey. The “tactile” a part of the name suggests the MechTAG switches could have a mild tactile bump like MX browns on complete keyboards. The GX800 also has full RGB backlighting within the keyboard.

The GX800 is anticipated to launch in August, but the fee is unknown. prepare your self for decal shock, even though. The GX700 retailed for over $three,000 when it got here out.