Solar Powered Weatherproof LED Light

In our gadget review series for testing modern tech gadgets, we are happy today to review the following solor powered and weatherproof LED light with motion sensor technology. Thanks to 1byOne, this nice gadget has been shipped to us for a review. We’ve tested the gadget and will show you the details in this review article.


gadget review of 1Byone's solar powered led lampFront View of 1byone’s Weatherproof LED Solar Powered Wall Light with Motion Sensor


Solar Powered LED Light with Battery

The smart LED light unit charges its internal battery during daily sun light. This version includes a high battery capacity of 800 – 1500 mAh which allows a longer duration of emitting light even during low sun light conditions. With the upgraded version, the transformation from sun light into energy is even much quicker and more reliable.

The solar panel on the top of the LED light emits daily sun light for charging.

gadget review of 1Byone's solar powered led lamp


3 different Working modes

The user can choose between the following 3 working modes:

  1. High Light Mode (Bright Mode)
  2. Dim Light Mode (Always Dim)
  3. Sensor Mode (Sensor Activity Mode)

High Light Mode

This is the Bright Light Mode – The light will automatically charge in day time while turned off, and then will light up at night all the time.

Dim Light Mode

This mode will automatically emit a dim light through the day and night. It will become very bright as soon as the sensor picks up any signal and it will stay bright until there has been no person in range for 15 seconds.

Sensor Mode

The light will shine bright when it senses somebody moving nearby and will automatically switch off after 15 seconds when nobody is in range.


gadget review of 1Byone's solar powered led lamp

gadget review of 1Byone's solar powered led lamp

PIR Motion Sensor

PIR” stands for Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor and is the part of the unit that detects approaching human beings by its sensor. This will automatically switch on the LED lights to shine bright. The motion distance for this LED light unit is up to 8 meters.


gadget review of 1Byone's solar powered led lamp

Product Specifications

Solar Panel: 5.5 Volts @ 1.6 Watts
Battery: Ion Battery with 3.7 Volts @ 1500 mAh
LED: 8 Pieces Quality LEDs
Output Lumen: 160 ml
Motion sensor: 120° @ 8 meters
Installation: in 3 – 5 meters height, 2x Screws, 2x Wall Plug
Waterproof: Waterproof Level IP 44
Warranty: 12 month warranty by manufacturer


gadget review of 1Byone's solar powered led lamp

Review conclusion

Our test product of the weatherproof LED Soloar Powered Wall Light with Motion Sensor came with fun and an easy installation! The LED light is very bright at night an we continue to use the Sensor Mode (#3 – see working mode table). The motion detection sensor works very accurate for humans (not so for animals like our neighbor’s cats).

The product is available for ca. $16.99 on Amazon. You can get it HERE.

We hope you liked this review and please let us know your thoughts of any kind in the comment section below ?