Samsung Galaxy Buds Update Adds Features to Bixby and Improves Gesture Controls

Samsung Galaxy Buds have been well received for their excellent design, decent sound quality, and a strong price point. Furthermore, buyers of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 series currently have the ability to pick up the headphones at a discounted price of Rs. 4,999. The Samsung Galaxy Buds are set to get a bit better now, with a software update adding new capabilities and features to the truly wireless earphones. The update can be done via the Samsung Galaxy Wear app on Android, and is 1.36MB in size.Image result for Samsung Galaxy Buds Update Adds Features to Bixby and Improves Gesture Controls

The update for the Samsung Galaxy Buds (Review) brings a handful of new features, including improved usability of the ambient sound mode, improve touchpad controls on double and triple-taps, fixes for known issues, and the ability to control the Galaxy Buds with Bixby. Users can control the ambient sound mode, battery status, equaliser mode and lock touchpad functionality through Bixby on the headphones.

Bixby is Samsung’s AI voice assistant, similar to Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri. Currently, Korean and English (US) are supported for Bixby control of the Samsung Galaxy Buds, which will be useful for Samsung users that actively use the Bixby functionality on their phones. The update needs to be first downloaded on the Android smartphone through the app, and is then transferred to the Galaxy Buds when connected using Bluetooth.

samsung galaxy buds software update screen Samsung Galaxy Buds

The Samsung Galaxy Buds are typically priced at Rs. 9,990, and are a decent option for anyone looking for a pair of truly wireless earphones at under Rs. 10,000. The Galaxy Buds support the Scalable Bluetooth codec when used with select Samsung smartphones, including the Galaxy S10 range, for better sound quality. The charging case can be wirelessly charged with a Qi-compatible charger.