How to clear cache in Chrome, Firefox and Safari

How to clear cache

After seeing one too many infomercials, just about everyone not thinks that cache is evil and is the sole reason behind their computer’s recent slow down. However, cache really doesn’t deserve the bad reputation it has with many computer users.

Believe it or not, cache’s reason for being is to speed things up. Instead of processing tasks like opening a webpage from scratch each and every time, a chunk of information called cache is created, like an earmark in a book, except on your hard drive. That way, your machine is always at the ready to visit the sites you already often visit and make those run the fastest.

On the other hand, while cache may have a somewhat exaggerated bad rep, there are benefits to clearing it on occasion. Cache is your friend, and while clearing it won’t necessarily help your computer perform much faster, it also won’t hurt. At worst, your computer will diligently rebuild any cache you wiped that you shouldn’t have.

So, what’s the point of clearing your cache?

It has its perks if you’re working with sensitive information that you’d like to wipe out. Clearing it can also be used as an effort to fix any nagging performance issues with scripts that you’re experiencing online. Lastly, if you really love that “New PC” smell, clearing the cache at least offers peace of mind that your computer is clutter-free.